It's a hard job to describe oneself, isn't it? I'm just your average European guy, I guess. Ok, there have been protests concerning "average" so, if you wish, make it outstanding. Or whatever. 
I've been born and raised in Austria. I've attended Vienna University in the early 90s studying Political Sciences. Then, I've moved to Paris, France, because it seemed such a hip idea at that time. I'm still living here with my boyfriend and don't find the place so hip anymore. Well, yes, we all get older and change our opinions, don't we?
I'm aged (argh!) 42. I'm working as a graphic designer. Living my life, trying to get my shit together, pardon my French. In my spare-time, I love to cook, to read, and to write. 

I also run a website, www.ebook-fix.com
These are the services I offer at affordable rates:
  • I create book covers (Kindle and paperback/hardcover)
  • I format books (Kindle and paperback/hardcover)
  • I check and fix books (Kindle and paperback/hardcover)
  • I proofread and correct books
Don't hesitate to check out the detailed offer and pricelist.
Fur further questions, contact me at contact@ebook-fix.com

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