The other day, on ebay

William S. Hart and Clara Williams
 in The Bargain (1914)
(cropped screenshot)
Real bargain for aficionados!
Male poet, semi-young, semi-bald
(product sheet says: “shaved”),
otherwise in good condition
(three teeth missing, though).
Barely used, fully equipped.
Good autonomy thanks to embedded power pack
(product life span 72+ years
according to the manufacturers).
Had his hour of glory back in 2012
with a sharp ten-liner about
ejaculation dysfunction
published in the online issue of the
“Ahnapee News”, Wisconsin.
Comes complete with
glasses, a pencil, a pencil sharpener,
a synonym thesaurus,
ten sheets of squared paper,
some quite efficient imagery
re. moon, springtime, unhappy love,
and a natural propensity

for moodiness…