Oh Thom why do you sit there
on my only broken chair
why do you doubt my words
when I say I don’t love you
I don’t need you Thom you gaze
at the ebony mask I brought
all the way from the Ivory Coast
as if you tried to force it into
bewitching me you long to make me
feel those things I don’t feel Thom
I guess I'll simply turn my back on you
for I don’t want to see your sadboy face
your lips that start to quiver
the tears that start to quell
and still I sense them as your
silent grief is deafening
let me tell you Thom that I don’t owe you
an excuse it was all clear from the beginning
and so sad we were two atoms thrown
into the particle accelerator they call love
we hit each other then exploded
now we’re crippled unwhole fragments
meant to part and travel through the void
for ever ever ever disappearing
until nothing remains
but sweet