Je suis Charlie

This is not a religion.
Their arsenal of mass destruction:
pencils, crayons, watercolours.

They aimed them at politicians
and priests who know it all,
at rabbis, imams, vicars,
at puffed-up, loaded businessmen,
narcissistic mayfly starlets,
prophets and messiahs.

Their job was to mock those
who want to prevent us from using our brains. 
Against the narrowminded
they brandished satire, wit, freedom of speech.
Paper bullets.
How many killed,
how many injured by their deeds?

“I’d rather die standing
than live on my knees”,
one of them said.

His lethal error was to blank out
that you can’t vanquish humourlessness
with humour.
With drawings you can fight
but not someone
pulling the trigger of his

"Should we fight for our ideas;
or should we fight with our ideas?"
Voltaire (1694 - 1778)

Paris 2015-01-07 
For the journalists of the satirical weekly "Charlie Hebdo" 
killed today by two terrorists. RIP.

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