BOOK LAUNCH: "twenty-five. Poetry 3.0"

"twenty-five. Poetry 3.0"
by Dieter Moitzi
78 pages
including 14 black-and-white photos
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To be frank, I don't know where poetry comes from.
I'm not talking about authors; they are well known most of the time. I'm talking about the essence of poetry, its origins within their authors. I confess: this is a mystery to me.
An even greater mystery as I am writing poems myself.
You know, while finishing the chapter for a novel means lots of work for me (especially because, being harsh with my own writing, I'm rarely satisfied with the result), poems just seem to, well, bubble up slowly in my head, take one or two days to ripen, then burst forth.
It often starts with a word, a sentence, a sensation I stumble upon in my everyday life. For instance, I'm listening to Laurie Anderson singing "Oh superman / oh judge / oh mom and dad…", thinking of a conversation I've had the day before about the difficult relationship someone I know has with his or her parents. "You raised us as / pale ghosts of your / measly dreams…", I'm thinking. Asking myself if it's not vital for all of us to "kill" our parents, in a symbolic, psychological, almost Freudian sense, if we want to be able to find happiness.
Or I'm walking down the street, and pictures, stories, emotions come to mind. Maybe "the wind, / the cold November wind / painting the sky a dark / and rain-streaked grey, / sweeps glossy pavements dirty…". Or "a streetsweeper hoses down / the pavement in front / of the construction site / where cranes, still silent, / stretch skywards, / whispering to each other / in their lost language".
It's often songs, song-titles, music that trigger off the unexplainable machinery that will lead to a poem. I've mentionned above how a Laurie Anderson-tune influenced one of my poems. Brendan Perry sings "Utopia", and I'm creating "Utopium". Goldfrapp sings "Annabel", and a whole life-story comes to mind, asking to be expressed in a poem. The Austrian singer / drag queen Conchita Wurst wins the Eurovision Song Contest, some narrow-sphinctered East European politicians call Europe "decadent," and "Western decadence, expunged" appears in my head. I could quote many more examples ("Improvised", "The city never sleeps").
Another possibility: memories. God, yes, Memory Lane—what a rich source for poems! "Picture of the past", "Feels like home", "Heathen summer", "Vandal" are but a few examples of how a memory, the momentaneous glimpse of the past have led to a poem.
And yet. These examples only explain the first step of creation, the Big-Bang-instant of a poem. The moment when the idea is born. But that idea needs to be transformed into words, sentences, stanzas, into a flow with different and fitting tastes, smells, colours, rythms… Where these elements come from, I really do not know.
Which makes writing poetry all the more fascinating.
Today, I'm proud and happy to tell you that my new poetry collection (including all the above-mentionned titles) is available on amazon (Kindle Edition and paperback). Maybe these few lines make you want to discover my work.
Don't hesitate to give me your feedback—it's the very air an author breathes!
Oh and thank you for hearing me out :-)

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  1. Dieter, you talented chap! I enjoyed the poems, and expect a lot of folk will feel the same. Roll on 4.0! Indigo

    1. Thanks a lot, Indigo. You know the part you played in making this book come true, and you know all I can offer is another "Thank you!" But it's a heart-felt one.