Off to work

A milky dawn rises over the suburb.
Rosy my cheeks, rosy the newborn sun on my skin…
I walk down the side street
and try to still the bats in the attic:
work to do, letters to write,
carry out projects, phone someone.

The bar-tabac* smells of coffee and ennui.
Fifteen minutes to buy cigarettes
because the man behind the counter,
glasses sparkling, whisker trembling,
complains about a fluttering heart
to a bartender who doesn’t care.

Down another side street
with grey facades and sleeping windows.
A streetsweeper, on the phone,
hoses down the pavement—
Putain, quel con!**”—
my blue jeans are soaked now.

There is the huge construction site
where cranes, still silent,
stretch skywards and whisper
to each other in their lost language.
I cross a handsome dude
and have to suck in my forty-year old little belly.

Then the main street:
to keep the ambient anarchy at bay
and still don’t make a difference.
School children mill around and yell.
It’s Friday morning, I’m already tired.


* In France: a pub where cigarettes are sold 
** "Damn it, what a jerk!"


Of resolutions and solutions, activities and reactivations

My dear friends,

those who know me will not be too surprised to see that this blog, which I've closed down a couple of months ago, lives and breathes again. If I were dear Uma, I would now lazily blink a heavily mascaraed half-mast eye and purr "Whadyouexpect?" before taking a healthy sailor-swig from my bottle of copyrighted soda. So hear me purr with innuendo (and notice that, like Uma, in this fictitious scene I'm depicting, I finish off a bubbly-bottle in one swift movement without burping or snorting out the whole liquid through my nose, too—that's fiction in a nutshell for you).

So I'm back. I could say I missed blogging (even if I didn't update my other blog, the food blog, as often as I would've wanted to, or as often as I should have). I could say I'm bored to the tits. I could say I have too much free time, too little friends, and don't know what to do with my life. I could say I simply missed you and your precious feedback. I could say many more things, too. None of which would make things clearer for anyone of us.

That's why I don't bother explaining. I'm back. Deal with it.

Well, I do hope some of you are glad and sigh with relief, whispering to themselves, tears in their eyes, "He's back!" Grab their phones and call their family members, best friends, acquaintances, accountants and business partners, yelling, "He's back!" Banging their heads against light-pinkish marble walls in expensive penthouses off 5th avenue warbling, "He's back!" Run naked through September-hued streets screaming at the top of their lungs, "He's! Back!"

And has he got news for you (note the narrator referring to himself in the third person! gone wacko in the meantime, he certainly is!)! Yes, in the meantime, things have happened. For one, I've decided to open a business site together with my boyfriend Seb and our wonderful friend Lucy. Do I have the right to do some promotion here? Oh jeez, of course, it's my blog after all. So here we go, lean back and listen.

The business site is called ebook-fix.com. It's an online service for all of you who want to publish their books in Kindle format, have started formatting their pages and realize that it's not as easy as they've imagined. Or they've already uploaded their books and started selling them, only to notice that everything that looked so gorgeous in MS Word now looks like utter shite on their Kindle display. For 'tis a tricky thing to format things for Kindle. That's why you should have a look at our offer on ebook-fix.com, then check out the pricelist (highly affordable, I don't wanna ruin my friends after all), and then contact us. Their are free bonusses involved, promotion and stuff. You don't wanna miss all that, do you?

Glad to be back, anyway. Glad to hear from you, too. So don't be shy, leave me your feedback about the reactivated blog, the new look, the new business site, the weather, your kids, whatever.