Book Covers

I am still busy, still running after minutes, hours and days. The reason is that Book Launch Day is approaching with hasty steps and I'm having that stressing feeling that nothing is ready yet.

But at last, I've taken the cover photo and made a first (probably not final) layout.

Thus, here I can proudly present what the new books (English, French and German version) will look like (more or less).
So - what do you think?


  1. congratssss Dieterrr, I am so happy for you. The book cover is lovely, colorful and fun just like you. I wish you the greatest of luck with it. Kisses and congrats!!!!

  2. I like the book cover. Good luck with your new book.


  3. I think they look great, I'm getting so excited for you and your big day!
    Janet :)