Reminder and Update

Buzz, buzz, busy bee… yep, that's me. The busy bee. Proofreading, and checking grammar and spelling, in English, in French, in German. The English version "Small Portions" is ready at last. That is, almost ready for there's one last text I'll have to write. The French and German versions are waiting to be proofread one last time. Then, there's the cover photo business to think of. I know exactly what I want. All I have to do is take the photo. Sounds easy, doesn't it?, but what with my natural proclivity for procrastination and my constant tiredness, it turns out harder than I thought.

What I've done already, on the other hand: I've written the text for my amazon presentation. A short text which will, I hope, attract readers by the millions. Well, hundreds. Well, one by one would be good already, I guess. But I assure you: "Small Portions" is a wonderful book. I'm really proud and satisfied. The two other versions "Kleine Portionen" and "Petites portions" are wonderful as well. Lemme just check'em one last time, and everything will be ready for the Big Moment: the book launch on Nov. 15th.

Oh, one last thing: I've finally filled out my amazon Book Author Page. You can find it here - feel free to tweet it, google+ it, facebook it, pin it and do to it whatever you can think of. My promotion depends on you, too! Think bearded guy, think fierce eyes staring straight into your eyes, think finger pointing at you, think "We Want You!" - you get the picture?

Thankie, thankie in advance, and looking forward to seeing you at the latest on Nov. 15th 2012 for the Launch with a Bang of "Small Portions"!


  1. best of luck Dieter.. may you be swamped with readers... :)

  2. Thanks a lot, Robert, may the gods, godesses, whatever in power hear you! Would be fun to be swamped with readers, it sure would be!