“I wanna get there…”

"I wanna be touched by the sun…" she screamed…
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I’ve been working hard lately. And still am.
There’s my job. 8 :30 to 18 :00, Monday to Friday. Don’t ask me if I’m enjoying myself. I’m doing okay but can no longer put my heart into any of it. It’s just, you know, earning money to buy my rent, food, electricity, clothes, whatever needs to be paid. I try to do my best to please those who pay me. That’s the least I can do. That’s all I can do.
And then there’s this new project of mine. It has kept me busy for quite a while now. And still keeps me busy. But this one is really exciting. So exciting that I have to share it with you. Anyway, I need you to succeed. I will need your help, all those of you who’re willing.
Here’s the story.
I am going to publish a new collection of short stories. Yes, that’s the new project. Have been leafing through three years worth of blog posts, selecting a good hundred stories, editing, proof-reading, rewriting, cutting out useless bits, rethinking parts of them. I wanted to reshape them into one-page-vignettes, small bits and pieces, literary fragments. And that has been a very demanding, yet a very fulfilling task as well.
Now here comes the difficult part, the one that means really a lot of work. I’m going to publish this new story collection in English, in German and in French. At the same time. It will be called “Small Portions” (or, respectively, “Kleine Portionen” and “Petites portions”). You will be able to buy the e-book on amazon. I plan to be ready at the end of November, provided that until then I can get through the translations that I’m currently doing myself. Those of you who have come here during summer, you’ve already had a glimpse of how the stories will look like because I’ve posted some of them under the title “Summer Vignette”. Of course, those have not been the final versions; I’ve been working on them again. To translate a text is a wonderful help to find mistakes, nonsensical constructions, redundancies, complicated passages.
Now here comes my request. Publishing a book, even a Kindle book, means a lot of work. More work still will be the launch and subsequent marketing of my three babies. Are you willing to help me? I’ll prepare a launch pack with a cover photo, a short biography, a short book description, and I was hoping that you might wanna post that pack on your own blog on D-Day, the day of the e-book-launch. Tweet about it. Write it all over your Facebook-walls. Scream it over google+. Email your friends, your family, your pen-pals, your MPs. Spread the word.
As I cannot yet give you the precise date, this is merely a theoretical question right now. But if you’re willing, just leave me a comment with your email (no worry, I will NOT make those comments public so as to safeguard that precious piece of information) or mail me (scenario2000@hotmail.com). In due time, I will send you the launch pack together with my warmest, most honest thanks. Anyway, I’ll keep you informed about how things are going and when the book launch will finally happen.
In the meantime, my two e-books are still available on amazon as well: my short story collection “Miss Otis regrets” and my poetry book “and somewhere under” . I’ve cut the price of each to $3.44 (VAT included).
As Carly Simon sings, “I wanna get there. I wanna be one, one who’s touched by the sun.” But to get there, I need your help. Can I count on you?