Guest post on Tribal Blogs

Wow, things seem to move fast. Let me just tell you this: a guest post of mine has been published over at Tribal Blogs. The title is "From Kindle Selfpublishing to Nobel Prize in Literature. 10 Steps to Literary Fame – A Very Personal Vademecum". I'd be more than happy if you checked it out. It contains my program to become a world-famous, Nobel-Prize-winning writer, including the mail I've sent to several literary agents in the US and UK (make it a good two hundred so far). There's been a fair amount of immediate rejection letters, of course. But the majority has been "Out of Office"-answers. Well, just an advice I haven't included in my "How to become a famous writer"-program: don't send queries just before Labor Day. Anyway, rush over to Tribal Blogs to read more of my fabulous journey toward fame & glory.


  1. Great to see your post on Tribal Blogs. Heading over there to read it. :-)

  2. Oh please do, Neo – I'm honoured. And thank you for your comment!

  3. Heading over to check it out, right after I look up 'vademecum'. Congrats! :-D