Guest post on Tribal Blogs

Wow, things seem to move fast. Let me just tell you this: a guest post of mine has been published over at Tribal Blogs. The title is "From Kindle Selfpublishing to Nobel Prize in Literature. 10 Steps to Literary Fame – A Very Personal Vademecum". I'd be more than happy if you checked it out. It contains my program to become a world-famous, Nobel-Prize-winning writer, including the mail I've sent to several literary agents in the US and UK (make it a good two hundred so far). There's been a fair amount of immediate rejection letters, of course. But the majority has been "Out of Office"-answers. Well, just an advice I haven't included in my "How to become a famous writer"-program: don't send queries just before Labor Day. Anyway, rush over to Tribal Blogs to read more of my fabulous journey toward fame & glory.


What For? A Question… and Its Answer

Du bist mein liebster Blog!
(That's German meaning
"You are my dearest blog!")
What for? 
I gather that, together with Where do we come from?, Where do we go to? and Honey, what shall we have for dinner?, this is one of the primary questions of mankind. The question of sense. A question that we shouldn't ask ourselves too often if we want to go on with what we're doing. 
Most of you know me quite well by now, and most of you know my patterns. When I opened up this blogspace, I was so eager to share my writing with you that I posted a daily episode. Soon, the childlike enthusiasm gave way to a more mature approach, which led to my publishing two weekly posts, mostly on Wednesday and Saturday or Sunday. 
And now, it's been a whole week that nothing new has shown up here. That's because the famous What for?-question has been haunting me for some time. What am I doing here with this blog? Where will my continuing my stories in this space lead me to? What difference does it make? And who cares anyway? I could just as well stop doing it, and the world would be the same place, people would stay the same, nobody would miss neither my blog nor me nor my writing. 
I guess that sounds ungrateful. I've succeded in attracting quite a crowd to my literary outpost on dietermoitzi.blogspot.com. 190 followers, more than 150.000 pageviews, an Alexa-rank oscillating between 230.000 and 245.000 (meaning I'm in the top-0,7% of websites - worldwide!). Two books selfpublished on smashwords and amazon. Not very much sought out, all right, but published nonetheless (and thanks, TB, for actually paying for the books; you know you shouldn't have!). I'm healthy as can be (to knock on wood and to knock back my daily treatment help me see to that); I'm still very much in love (and very much loved) by my boyfriend; I've got a job and, more importantly, the monthly payment check that comes with it; I'm even going to leave this small apartment and move to a much larger one at roughly ten minutes from my workplace (so no more moaning about the inhumanity of Parisian public transport in autumn, winter, spring and summer). 
Yet something seems to be missing. I still love to write, I still want to finish my stories, I still wanna be a writer, or rather: a published writer (published as in "that huge publishing house actually pays a supplier to print my words on pages and bind the whole with an alluring cover, then markets the entire thing, and I'm shortlisted for loads of awards and get invited to all the important TV shows all over the world and can quit my job in order to do nothing else but write and think about how to spend the loads of cash that flow onto my bank account on a daily basis" – that sort of published, see?). 
Silly, naive me! 
So that What for?-question popped up in my head and wouldn't leave me. And when you look too closely for the reason and sense of what you're doing, you seem to just not know how to do it anymore. Thus this breaking of my posting-habits. It could have lasted for quite a while, without me saying anything to you, maybe even letting the blog quietly die away… 
Until I checked my emails this morning. And saw that Jodi from Jodi's Book Reviews has nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award. This made me snap out of my fruitless self-questioning. I don't know if it's the fact that someone has thought my blog interesting enough to nominate it or if it's the name of the award ("Liebster" means "dearest" or "sweetheart" in German). It doesn't matter anyway. Thank you so much, Jodi, for having saved my blog from vanishing into nothingness. I know I will continue now. More than ever.
That Liebster Blog award in itself is worth what it's worth. It won't pay our bills, it won't publish our books, it won't heal the world if that's what we're aiming at (talk about ambitions!), all right. But it can put an end to those of our questions that are counterproductive (especially the bleak What for?-question). It means someone out there thinks that it's great what we're doing, after all. And hey, that is rather priceless. Am I right or am I right?
In order to win, I have to spread some "blog love" and thank and link back to the person who nominated me (well, that's done above). I have to pick some of my favorite bloggers who have less than 200 followers (to be honest, I prefer to ignore that bit and nominate those I really appreciate). The following list includes my true blog-friends, most of them accomplished writers, philosophers or simply wonderful and wonderfully gifted persons; some of them have difficult personal issues at the moment, others seem to have gone on a blogging-vacation (and I do hope I'll hear from them soon because I'm really worried about what's up with them). 
Anyway, I do love you all and wish you only the best!