Birthday gift

Dear friends,
dear regular visitors,
dear occasional readers,
dear world!

The day before yesterday, I have turned 39. Yes, I'm what they call a "fête-nat'" here in France, born on July 14th, day of the French Fête Nationale, the National Holiday. No big deal, really. I'm not that much into celebrating my own birthdays.

But – I've decided to treat myself to a precious birthday gift. I've published my short stories and my poems on amazon.com, amazon.co.uk and amazon.de. In electronic format, Kindle edition, for a starter. Can you believe it? Well, it's not as exciting as holding a real, printed book in my hands, leafing through it, smelling the perfume of new and fresh pages and seeing my name printed in big letters on the cover. It's a beginning, however. It's a change of some sorts.

Am I vain? That's for you to tell me. I guess I didn't think it over thouroughly; it was a decision like that, a "Just Do It!" and "Yes you can!" decision. So hastily made that I even managed to miss-spell the title of my poem-anthology. Just so like me, no?

All of you have read the short stories and poems I have decided to publish. They have previously been put into this space, and many of you have read them, enjoyed them (or so I hope), commented on them. This is thus no promotional post, just some sort of information I thought I owed you.

Nevertheless, I can't refrain from giving away the links of my (Geeee!!!!!! I did it!!!!) books:

I confess that I do feel a bit excited now. Telling you, of all people, makes all this seem really real for the first time!

I will not let you down. I will finish what I have started on here. I will come back and tell the rest of my stories. And post new poems. And new short stories.

I love you, my friends!

Kisses 'n' hugs



  1. Happy, Happy Birthday to you, Dieter!!! We hope you had a truly wonderful day and blessed year to come!


  2. Wow, Congratulations! This is good news. Im so happy for you Dieter...Happy birthday too!

  3. Dear Dieter, I wish you the Happy Birthday!! I am very happy for you. You must have had a good "gut" feeling that the time has come. I wish you the very best. It is exciting. Enjoy each and every moment on your journey. We are all along this journey as one. Blessings to you my friend. Catherine xo

  4. Congratulations, Dieter, I'm so happy you published your writings, you make me want to do the same!

  5. Tammy, Mike, Pearl, Catherine & Josep, thank you all for your encouragement and your birthday wishes. It has been a very nice party last Thursday, indeed. Now, our suitcases are packed, the dog has been delivered to her dogsitter, and we're off to Austria for our holidays. This will give me time to think and write, I hope, besides taking long walks in the countryside and the mountains and, of course, eat a lot of wonderful Kuchen and Torten (and put on some more weight, I'm afraid). See you at my return! Kisses n'n hugs…

  6. Happy Birthday! and Congratulations for having your writings published! :)

  7. That is fabulous! Congratulations and happy birthday! :)

  8. Braaaavo, Dieter! Thank you for being fearless and just doing it: you are an example to the rest of us wannabes who are also a bit "wonderbes" (ie. I wonder if I should self-publish on Amazon?).

    Happy birthday too! I can say that 39 (which I enjoyed up till last month) was a very good year for me, very productive and eye-opening. Hopefully it will be so (and more) for you too.

  9. Hey, happy birthday! I know it's already late, but I guess it's better late than never. And good to hear about your treat for yourself. Congrats!

  10. Dear Dieter, Just dropping by to say hello and hope that all is well. Hope everything is going well with your new book venture.
    I also wanted to ask you to visit my kids blog and let them know what you think of my sons latest post. I really appreciate it and thank you in advance. The nice people that I have met blogging has given strength and more confidence. You are one of them. Thank you again and God Bless. Catherine

  11. Dear friends, my sincere apologies for not having answered much sooner. But as things were, I barely managed to connect to my hotmail-account on my sister's PC out there in the Austrian Alps! I discovered with joy and warmth all your messages but couldn't read them, let alone answer them. Is it the mountains or my sister's 56-ko-modem-like USB-internet-connection, I don't know. Anyway, I'm back (in fact, there's more to me than before because my mother fed me as if she was afraid I didn't eat anything here in Paris) and will roam your blogs as soon as possible! Missed you all, my dear friends!

  12. Dieter, I'm sorry I missed both your big events - the book publishing and your birthday.

    I've been away from my own blogs these last couple of months and haven't had the time or mindspace to visit all my blog friends'.

    But your news is simply wonderful and I want to celebrate with you, albeit belatedly. I'm sure it's thrilling for you (and it thrills me too) as it is a significant milestone.

    Well done! Well done! Well done my darling D! I know this is just another beacon in what was always becoming a shining literary journey but it's an important and joyous one. So rejoice and know we all are rejoice with you!

    Love and hugs xxxoooo

  13. Dear TB, I knew something was up, not so much because I missed your comments (I did, no doubt) but because I missed your own blog posts. Whatever it was, I hope you were able to sort it out and I hope you're fine. Thanks, by all means, for your belated birthday greetings. Ah, and yes, publishing my two first books, even if its only electronic publishing, has been a milestone. I've sold already zero books! Lol! The world has held its breath, I daresay. But never mind, it IS a first step. Do let me know how you are, please. You and our common friend Wil have been absent for far too long! Kisses 'n' hugs.

  14. Congratulations, I can't wait to read them!

  15. Oh Jen, you're a darling! Sent you the links and coupons via Tribalblogs PM. Hugs 'n' kisses from rainy Paris!