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Today, I celebrate my blog's first blogversary. It's true, exactly one year ago, I published the first post of my blog-novel in this spot. And this will be the 306th post since then. My, words fail me to express how touched I fell that you have all shown up for that worthy event! Lookie lookie, even a special guest from the Shadow World has come to blow my birthday candle (no but absolutely NO pun intended!). Why she'd wish me 'Happy Birthday Mr. President' is beyond me, though, to be honest. I don't even have the ambition to become president of the '18th arrondissement Middle-aged Dog-owners Who Write'-Association!

Anyway, as you might have noticed, I have decided to change the blog's layout and architecture, within the limits of the blogspot template, that is. Isn't the white, unadorned background classy? And do you like the logo I created on the top? Hey, I'm a graphic designer, I had to come up with something on my own, hadn't I?

The most important innovation: the new pages right under the logo. You'll be able to backread the first chapters ('the novel', 1 to 4), something that has already been possible before. But I decided to create two brand-new pages as well. There's one where I'll copy my short-stories. I've decided to take them out of the novel as soon as I've got the time to proof-read and edit it. The other page will contain the poems. As a birthday treat, I've even put some of the poems I haven't yet published on here (they have been published on the Literary Network only).

A last word concerning the Stats. Since the opening of the blog, you have been exactly 17.634 'unique visitors' as they call you on Google Stats. You sure are unique to me, for sure! You've paid 32.635 visits to my blog and read 46.308 pages. More than 28% come here directly; 69% have been guided by referring sites, and a minority of 1.7% has found their way through search engines. Apart from typing my name (how on earth do people know there's someone out there called Dieter Moitzi? I wonder), people stumbled upon my blog essentially by searching for – 'whore'! You remember the post where I claimed that 'sometimes, I feel like a whore'? It's the most-read post of this blog. That's where people seem to land when looking for some paid company... Great, is all I can say; now, me and 'whore' tend to be synonyms. Well, I haven't made it yet into the Oxford Dictionary (dieter, n., synonym for whore) so there's still some hope for me!

All in all, I am very satisfied. I lift my cup of coffee for a toast to all of you (it's too early in the morning for champagne) and say Thank you. Without you, this literary adventure wouldn't have been possible. And hey, do come back because I haven't finished with you yet!


  1. Happy Blogversary!
    I still remember my first blogversary and it was such a good feeling :)
    It seemed that time had passed so quickly. That was also when I realized that blogging had became such an important part of my life.

  2. Now, that's some layout and logo! Me loves how you're combining your literary and visual talents. :) This blog deserves more love than what it's getting. But we'll get there. ;-)

    Happy Blogversary, Dieter! Here's to 100 years!

  3. Congratulations for your first blogversary!
    About the "whore" thing, I do sometimes feel that too. (Maybe we all do.)
    BTW, all of this new architecture and layout is great. Love your new header.

  4. @Mizé: I am so with you! It's not really the blogging but the writing itself as well as the interacting with my "blogamis" that has become essential to me! Thanks for stopping by and downing your glass of champagne with me!
    @Well Wil, thankie pankie! I quite like the new layout too. And don't worry, the blog gets loads of love, I literally French-kiss it each and every day before pressing my crotch against it, uhm, I think I'm getting confused there ;-)
    @CAT: isn't it great to celebrate this event together? Happy you could come and have your share of virtual bubbly with us!

  5. Hi, Dieter. I just want to inform you that I tag you for a blogger survey. If you choose to do it, you can see the questions in my blog. Thanks.

  6. Happy blogaversary! I love reading what you write, and the new layout and header are brilliant :)

  7. @CAT thanks I saw it when I made my daily visit on your blog! I'm working on it, my friend, I'm working on it...
    @Lidian: Thanks, your words are like balsam for my soul!

  8. happy blogversary! i like this layout though i can't compare since it's the first time i'm dropping by. thanks for dropping by my site. i'm new to blogging but i'm enjoying it.

  9. Happy Blogversary! The new layout is neat but I liked the background picture with the book pages too, thought that was very appropriate for a literary blog. Plain white can be a bit sterile.

  10. @ Teacup Moments: thank you and welcome to the marvellous world of blogging!
    @ Ruth: I did like the books as well but the current It-layout is white and nude and unadorned (clients burst into tears, then almost French-kiss me for my white-and-white-layouts at the moment).