Music Monday

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photographer Bibi Saint-Pol
I know this is supposed to be a literary blog, a blog novel. But I’m just too sick today to provide you with a new episode. I’ve caught a serious cold or, worse, the flu on Christmas Eve, see. So I’m sitting here, under a hundred blankets, shivering and trembling. I haven’t even been smoking for the last two days; that proves how seriously ill I feel.
Anyway, I’m taking pills and drinking herbal tea and staying under the blankets. How horribly ugly and unattractive one feels when feverish!
So, for those of you who have come to this place in order to discover the latest update to my novel, here’s a consolation prize. Novel Monday transformed into Music Monday. Tune in, listen and hopefully enjoy as much as I do…
So beautiful... Hrm, I know these are not the funniest tunes. Consider them to be the perfect expression of my current, flu-influenced state of mind…


Retrospective Musings

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author © Lars Aronsson
Many things have happened since I started this blog. No, sorry guys, no major US- or UK-based publishing house has, of yet, sent me an enthusiastic mail offering a juicy contract, thus allowing me to tell my customers to go fuck ‘emselves once and for all. Oops, sorry, I’ve been rude; I’ll wash my mouth with soap (rather my keyboard as I’m not talking to you but pressing keys...)
The reason why I interrupt my sometimes erratic tale for another blog introspection? Well, I’ve been thinking, you know. Some of my blogamis have been dropping helpful hints. I told myself it would be a good idea to take a break from continuing the fiction I present in this space and talk about the space itself. A pause from the contents in order to talk about the container. Forget about the editorial part and entertain you with something a tad more commercial (I reckon one particular blogami will recognise himself there). So let’s be crazy and change the profile photo; let’s be crazier still and liven up at least one post – this one –with some pictures.